Free Spirits Yoga

Free Spirits Yoga

Websites & logo with lots of watercolor

Free Spirits Yoga was a small yoga studio that supports a variety of styles of yoga and healing arts. I was a teacher during the inaugural year of the studio and I continued to attend classes, teach and assist with trainings through the live of the studio until it changed hands in 2020. The logo was a collaborative approach in that I created the colored and watercolored version of the logo. I created all of the watercolor elements on the original site when the studio opened in 2010, and hand-coded the whole site in HTML/CSS. Then, in 2015 we updated the site and created a new version in SquareSpace.

I love working with Dawn, her creative spirit shines though all that she does. Her attention to detail and passion are at the forefront of each project she works on. Whether it is a new yoga class she is teaching or when she is coming up with new and beautiful ways to express her clients ideas in a website, print or logo design. My brand has been hand built by Dawn’s ability to hear my vision and breath it into reality. I am so grateful to know and work with her. I highly recommend anyone looking for marketing, design, yoga or doula work to spark that relationship. You will be grateful you did!
Audrey Stevens

Founder, Free Spirits Yoga

Project Specs:


  • Logo collaboration
  • Brand development
  • Web designs
  • Website builds


  • Watercolor logo for the yoga studio
  • Watercolor logo for the Inner Guide School
  • SquareSpace (2015) and HTML/CSS (2010) websites
  • Print collateral

Style & Imagery

Free Spirits Yoga logo
Inner Guide School logo
Logo for a branch of Free Spirits Yoga called the Inner Guide School

Two Website Builds

The first website I built used my watercolor elements in a CSS/HTML site (created with DreamWeaver). The second build of the site in 2015 used new watercolor elements in a SquareSpace site.

Free Spirits Yoga 2015 site
Free Sprits Yoga 2010 site

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